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Read our types of recruitment services and contracts to find out what Awana can do to help your startup find the candidates it needs.

Every day, it's getting harder for startups to find and hire software developers for their teams. The developer shortage has made it even more challenging to recruit software talent because massive companies offer higher salaries to more senior candidates.

Read our types of services contracts to find out what Awana can do to help your startup find the candidates it needs.

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What does Awana do?

Who are our services for?

What Services do we offer?

1) Talent Placement

2) Team Creation


Awana is an IT recruitment company that connects startups with software talent from LATAM to help them build their workforces. It was founded by Calvin Smith and Javier Durán, who both have a strong connection with the LATAM region.

Since startups all over the U.S. kept having problems finding ideal candidates, they set out to use remote work as a vehicle to create nearshore teams for them. LATAM software candidates are great matches for companies looking for top talent at cost-efficient rates.

Ever since 2016, Awana has helped over 70 startups match with candidates and has become one of the go-to IT recruitment companies for startups looking to hire.

What does Awana do?

Awana goes the extra mile for startups in need of software talent; not only does it ease the recruiting and hiring process, but they also make sure to find candidates who will match and commit to your company. 

The IT recruitment company has been building its community of developers for some time now, and its team interacts with its candidates daily. It offers LATAM developers a chance to improve their tech and English skills to ensure they are ready to hire.

LATAM developers from their community have access to Awana's camps and career advisors. They get offered job positions more accessible by having Awana's team of recruiters offer their profiles to startups looking for a match.

Who are our services for?

Digital presence is more important than ever in today's business world. Every startup will need to hire a developer at some point if they want to make the best out of their online activities and presence. 

There are many different developers, and the tools and coding languages they use are precise to what they need to create. Startups may sometimes be unaware of how to recognize the candidates they need and the skills necessary to fulfill their project goals.

Sometimes startups may have the experience and knowledge by already having a team of developers and are simply looking to add members to it. Awana focuses on solving any requirement by connecting the company with a remote developer from their LATAM community.

Awana's recruitment process makes it easier for startups to find the candidates they need in a timely manner.

What services do we offer?

Our recruitment services were created methodically to help you find the developer you need. We know time is of the essence, so we make sure to offer you profiles that match your requirements in a timely manner.

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A) Talent Placement for your Workforce

Talent placement focuses on startups looking for recruitment services to add a key member to their workforce of developers. You may need a developer with specific coding skills to finish your project and want to join your company as a full-time employee.

Our hiring process follows key steps to make sure we guarantee a match:

  • Listening to your requirements: Understanding the profile you seek is our primary objective if we want to pinpoint the talent you need. We then start searching for candidates in our community of over 2000 developers.

    Having a fantastic community of LATAM developers is very useful during our search because candidates may also refer colleagues with equal talent that may not necessarily be in our database.

  • Recruiter Evaluation: Once we have collected profiles, our experienced recruiters narrow them down to offer you its best picks. This is where our tech knowledge and recruiting experience come in handy to provide accurate matches.

    LATAM developers are skillful and passionate about their craft and handle themselves well in English. They also share time zones with the U.S, which makes them favorable candidates for working remotely.

  • Your Decision: We then present you with the best profiles curated by our team of recruiters so you can decide which to hire. Once a choice is made, our team will help you with all the following steps to sign him as a contractor for your company. 

    Although the term contractor might strike you as a freelancing position, this is not the case since LATAM developer remote contracts will make their presence the same as a full-time employee without most benefits you would encounter when hiring in the U.S.

  • Process Conclusion: Within four weeks, you will have received the candidate's profiles for you to make your decision. The cost of our talent placement service equals 20% of the candidate's annual salary with a one-time payment to start the process.

During our own recruiting process, both Awana and the startups we are actively working with sign a service agreement in which both commit to active communication to receive feedback and guarantee results.

B) Team Creation for your Startup

Our Team Creation service was made for startups looking to start their own workforce of developers from scratch. In order to do so, it is important to know what you need to build for your project so we can help you find software talent with the coding skills you need. 

Our team creation process follows key steps to help you build your workforce of developers:

  • Listening to your requirements: Meeting with you to pinpoint the skills you need in your team to fulfill your tasks. Once we understand what you need, our team of recruiters and mentors finds candidates by offering training to get them ready.

    Awana's camps are a way for us to ensure the team of developers will be ready when chosen and will be able to develop what you need for your business.

  • Talent Placement of teams: Once the candidates have gone through our camp's pensum and succeeded in proving their skills are up for the task at hand, we go through the same communication process so you can choose from several profiles.

  • Process Conclusion: Within no less than 2 months, you will be able to take your pick from the developers we've curated from our camp. This process takes longer, and fees may vary depending on the number of developers needed to fulfill your requirements.

If you have further questions about our team creation services, you may book a call with our team to help you figure out costs based on your needs. In some cases, if startups need help handling the salary payments of developers, we also provide a payroll service to ease that process. 


Building your remote workforce by connecting with LATAM developers is a great way to add valuable key members to your workforce at beneficial costs. If you wish to know further how we can help you find software talent, we would love to connect with you.



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