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Five Awesome Hiring Platforms

Remote hiring platforms grant you a great way to sell your developer skills to companies abroad.

The world is changing, and with it are the ways you can get a job as a developer without even having to leave your home. Remote Platforms grant you a great way to sell your developer skills to companies abroad.

Here are five platforms to help LATAM developers find a life-changing job remotely. 

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1) Revelo

2) Torre

3) BairesDev

4) Toptal

5) Awana



 Sao Paulo’s Revelo was founded in 2015, and since then, it has helped software professionals find jobs remotely. Their platforms offer companies a complete service that can easily cover almost all the ground when hiring LATAM talent.

Brazil was one of the leading tech regions and held some of the most talented tech talents on the continent. They offer their clients a chance to hire a programmer that matches their skillset and even contribute to managing their payroll.

Revelo is an application software developers in Brazil use to get hired by companies looking to build a nearshore team.



Torre’s platform is an example of how a company can make finding jobs and candidates easy through automation. Their user interface and algorithm help companies and developers find each other without hassle.

Focusing on making information easy to access makes Torre stand out as a hiring platform. It won’t take you long to set up your profile, and the results will help you accomplish your goals faster.

An exemplary case of technology doing its thing to help you where you want to get, we recommend visiting their fantastic platform.



Argentina’s BairesDev focuses on helping companies find nearshore candidates and supports them so they can find a job that fits their developer skills. They are proud of the code quality they harbor and want to keep adding the best developers to their database.

They believe that digital acceleration will help everyone find what they need quicker. Their wish is to empower Fortune 500 companies by helping them save time when hiring.

If you are looking to reach the top talent spectrum, then BairesDev is the place to start for you.



Toptal’s hiring platform offers companies a great way to find talented freelancers from various industries. Their goal is to provide their clients with the top 3% talent, whether architects or developers; they pride themselves on having the best freelancer around.

They have helped companies find talented freelancers for them to complete their projects at hand. Freelancers are life-savers, especially when looking to find temporary help for new tasks that may arise.

If you are looking to find or become a freelancer, Toptal is the best option.



The Ecuador-based company, Awana, has an impressive recruitment tool to connect LATAM development market and its key players. It not only handles the hiring process between companies and talented developers from LATAM, but it also focuses personally on essential details that truly benefit both parties involved.

It not only handles finding and hiring candidates for the companies it works for, it even helps them set up payroll proceedings to make sure everything is done by the book when hiring remote developers from LATAM.

It even offers its community of developers camps with top mentors that prepare them for their future job opportunities. They do this by helping them perfect their skills and learn about U.S working experience and culture.

Awana proves that the LATAM region has limitless potential for companies looking to find committed and passionate developers.

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