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Doing Payments: Hire Remote Developers in LATAM

Matching U.S startups with candidates from LATAM has given us insight on how your company should set up its payments when looking to hire remote developers

Ever wondered how to fulfil your payment obligations when hiring remote programmers? LATAM’S developing Market is becoming one of the best destinations for startups looking to hire experienced and talented programmers. 

Our experience matching U.S startups with candidates from our LATAM community has given us a clear insight on how your company should set up its monthly payments when hiring international employees. 

Going remote will definitely improve your chances of finding, hiring and onboarding members to your workforce much faster and efficiently. Here’s everything you need to know about doing payments when hiring LATAM programmers remotely.

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Why you should set your eyes on LATAM

Why Consider a Remote Work Setting?

Your Candidate’s Contract

Payment Methods

Awana’s Payment Advice


Why you should set your eyes on LATAM

The LATAM’s programmers market has shown to be an ideal ally for companies in the U.S looking to grow their workforce. Its location, similar work culture and time zone alignment make for a perfect setting when looking to add valuable members to your team.

LATAM developers are passionate and committed workers that have proven their level of seniority making quality coding for national and international companies.  The number of available talented developers in the region rises yearly and offers interesting rates for those looking to protect their budget. Find out more.

Language will not be a problem since most possess great english skills and are knowledgeable of relevant software lingo when discussing coding. They are highly communicative and will surely ask questions when in doubt of their tasks.

If you are looking to hire a programmer you will find that LATAM’s candidates are an excellent choice to find the talent your company needs.

Why Consider a Remote Work Setting?

Remote work has changed the way companies access the software developing business sphere. The best thing about it is the flexibility it allows your company to have with its employees. It also brings new and exciting opportunities for employment for your business.

If you are looking to hire full-time international talent, remote work is your best shot to access specialized and experienced programmers. Hiring remote programmers gives companies a shot to diversify their workforce with software professionals from every corner of the world.

Even if you are not looking to hire a full-time programmer unto your workforce, remote work can benefit your company’s projects and goals in several ways. Send your team on international business trips while keeping your workflow consistent by building a remote work structure and schedule. 

Building a full-on remote team will also benefit your company by gaining an international presence while having a multi-location-based team. Choose handpicked candidates by gaining access to a before unreachable database of software talent.

Your Candidate’s Contract 

In order to lawfully pay your remote employees, you need to evaluate what type of contract agreement will bind them to your company. Their job description, salary amount, and working hours should vary depending on if the candidate is signed as a remote employee or a full-time contractor.

In some countries, labour laws require full-time contractors to receive full working benefits when employed. However, some have more flexible laws when hiring as remote employees for the company. These tend to have looser terms when having to deal with employment benefits and regulations.

Each country guarantees workers different employment benefits depending on the type of contract so make sure you are in compliance with their region’s labour laws and tax payments to avoid issues. Having legal assistance is always a must when reviewing your labour responsibilities, especially when looking to hire international programmers unto your company’s workforce.

Payment Methods

There are several methods of payment you can abide by once you have reviewed your employee’s contracts. Here are some of the ways your company can make its payments when hiring a remote programmer living internationally.

- Company Payroll:

Adding an employee to your company’s payroll is accepted in some of LATAM’s countries. This applies especially when you hire a programmer for a project that will take a specific amount of time and would not need to register as a full-time employee.

- On-Location Subsidiary 

This works especially if you are looking to hire multiple programmers from the same region or country. Opening up a legally backed subsidiary of your company will make it easy to abide by labour laws, tax regulations and monthly salary deposits. 

- Payroll Service

If you want to take a weight off your shoulders when having to pay your remote workers, a payroll service might be what you are looking for. These handle payments by doing all the hard lifting for you. Find out more about Payroll Services here.

Awana’s Payment Advice

Our experience with LATAM developers has given us great insight on all the do’s and dont’s when handling payments for your remote workforce of programmers.

- Make sure you understand currency changes when making payments.

- Your employees will appreciate it if you make payments on time.

- Make sure you keep a record and classify all salary payments

- Being aware of important holidays and days offs is important

- Following labour laws keep you out of trouble and shows commitment to employee

- Make sure the candidate is on board with his contract

- Using payroll software makes things easier

Hiring a remote workforce is a great way to grow your company by adding 

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