Master your Technical Interview
even if it's your first one!

Polish your coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and the way you interview for your next software engineering job in as little as 8 weeks.

Land your first job as a remote developer

Technical interviews are one of the most intimidating challenges, when developers are not guided properly

  • There are hundreds of interview tactics to try. Deciding where to start can be frustrating.

  • Not getting feedback makes it difficult to know where to focus and get better at.

  • Solving problems without tracking progress and without a mentor can make you feel lost, stressed and unmotivated.

We've created a breakdown of how to prepare effectively for technical interviews and land senior roles

With Technical Interview Camp you'll get a way to consistently make progress in the most comprehensive way:

  • You will go through all the fundamentals and patterns required to ace your interviews.

  • You will understand core concepts and break down your thought process to nurture your developing leadership skills.

  • You will be solving minimum of 80-100 curated coding challenges of varying difficulty commonly tested during interviews.

  • You will design a variety of large scale systems, APIs, and engage in multiple mock interviews with your peers getting actionable feedback.

  • You will get support when you feel stuck, to help you make progress. 

Not sure if this is the camp for you?

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Here's what you will dive into during 8 weeks


Topics: Strings, Array, Linked List, Hash map


Patterns: Sliding Window, Two Pointers, Fast & Slow Pointers


System Design: Multithreading


Behavioral: STAR Method


Topics: Stack, Queues, Bit operations


Patterns: Merge Intervals, In-place reversal of linked list


System Design: Client and server, Load balancers/ proxy, webservers


Behavioral: Resume


Topics: Sorting


Patterns: Cyclic sort, Two Heaps, Top K elements


System Design: Authentication and Authorization, API Design


Behavioral: Ownership


Topics: Recursion, Tree


Patterns: BFS, DFS


System Design: Indexing and partitioning


Behavioral: Curiosity


Topics: Tree, Trie and Graphs

Patterns: BFS, DFS, Trie

System Design: Row DB, ACID properties

Behavioral: Have backbone / Courage / Be direct


Topics: Graph Bitwise

Patterns: Topological Sort, Union find

System Design: Batch Processing, Streaming

Behavioral: Innovation


Topics: Dynamic Programming


Patterns: LCS, Distinct paths, strings-dp


System Design: Text searching databases, caching and caching strategies


Behavioral: Move fast / Bias for actions


Topics: Dynamic programming, Greedy


Patterns: Minimum path, palindromic subsequence


Design Patterns: MVC, Factory pattern, IOC and Builder pattern.


Behavioral: Think Big / Live in future

Who is our training for?

The Technical Interview Camp is a mentored program for LATAM developers looking to land senior roles 

  • Full-Stack and Back-End Developers who want to get results within weeks.
    Commit 1-2 hours per day and get results. 

  • You have a gone through interview processes struggling to get the job.

  • You've never had a job interview with a US company—our supportive community of developers and mentors will walk you through everything you need.

  • You're looking to improve your developer skills and feeling certain about how to communicate them.


You shouldn't apply if:

  • You haven’t coded for more than 3 years.

  • You don't know Engineering fundamentals.

  • You're not willing to commit to do the work.

Meet the mentor

Monil Gandhi

Monil Gandhi Awana

Monil is a Staff Software Engineer with 12+ years of experience in highly scalable systems like Zynga Games (8-20 million concurrent users), Bing search engine, Xbox Live services and building realtime systems in adtech (~20 PB).

Through his career, he has been interviewed multiple times, failed multiple interviews and got multiple offers as well, resulting in jobs at Microsoft and Quantcast.

Monil currently helps other SWEs prepare for their software engineering interviews. Many of the participants have found jobs in FAANG and other Fortune 500 companies.

Upcoming dates

Technical Interview Cohort 1

Q&A Call:

May 17, 2022

Start Date:
June 1, 2022


Technical Interview Cohort 2

Q&A Call:

To be defined

Start Date:
To be defined


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How much does the camp cost?

Enrollment deposit

USD 100

Apply now and start your free trial for 7 days.
  • 8-12 hours per week
  • Daily check-ins
  • Curated coding challenges
  • Mock interviews with peers
  • Focus and live sessions with mentor
  • Job offers after completing training

Awana Guarantee

If, after 7 days, you've done the work and still think the training is not for you, you don't need to disburse the enrollment deposit.


Take a look at our Q&A call here

What is the minimum time commitment?



Expect a minimum of 8 hours per week. Weekends have more work as opposed to weekdays.

How does the cohort work?


You will be part of a small group, all preparing for interviews. The schedule is provided above for reference.

You will be working on a number of leetcode problems, reading up system design concepts and preparing for behavioral part of the interview.

What is the minimum requirement to stay in the cohort?


You are required to check-in daily to report your progress. Even if you do not make any progress, you are required to check in.

You are required to maintain 80% total checking after the first 10 days. If your check-in falls below that point, you will be dropped out of the cohort.

You can join future cohorts when you have more time. In the meantime you can focus on these developer skills.