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The AI Skills Accelerator empowers Latin American developers and AI companies with the skills and talent needed to drive innovation and growth.


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We’re experiencing a cycle that perpetuates talent shortage in the AI industry

📌 With the rapid expansion of AI technologies, the demand for skilled AI developers has surged

📌 Still, there’s a mismatch between talent skills and companies demand

📌 AI companies prioritize developers with proven experience

📌 Developers struggle in securing remote ai jobs, yet there are

📌 Limited opportunities to gain experience from

Available options don't hit the mark

📌 Conventional hiring methods fail to address the unique requirements of AI companies

📌 Traditional training programs may provide a basic understanding of AI concepts but lack the depth and practical experience

📌 Developers need specialized training tailored to the AI industry demands

What we need is to start breaking barriers. Welcome to the AI Skills Accelerator where developers are trained to meet the highest technical standards.

This program combines theoretical knowledge, foundational principles, and hands-on experience, paving the way for successful placements.

With the AI Skills Accelerator, developers will:

📌 Gain foundational ML knowledge and practical skills in linear regression.

📌 Build hands-on experience with supervised and unsupervised learning techniques.

📌 Implement and utilize neural networks including advanced architectures used in Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks.

📌 Deepen their knowledge of natural language processing (NLP) and explore time-series analysis with RNNs. 

📌 Understand large language models and their ethical considerations.

📌 Gain proficiency with the mathematical underpinnings of ML algorithms.

📌 Broaden practical skills in computer vision, including image classification and segmentation using CNNs.

📌 Apply diverse ML skills to real-world problems through a capstone project.

With the AI Skills Accelerator, companies will:

📌 Secure early access to AI talent ahead of competitors.

📌 Reduce time-to-hire by accesing high quality talent.

📌 Contribute to AI talent growth and the development of AI skills in Latin America.

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What sets our program apart?

Tailored Curriculum: Our curriculum has been designed based on the AI skills needed to excel in remote AI jobs within high-tech companies.

Hands-On Projects and Real-World Application: Emphasis on project-based learning ensures graduates can apply their ai skills immediately.

Community Building: Join a supportive community passionate about advancing AI technologies that opens doors to remote AI jobs and exciting career growth.

The Llama Camp helped me a lot. It helped me get out of my comfort zone. I received 3 job offers after taking Awana's Llama Camp for a front-end position.

I had the opportunity to participate in an amazing dev camp to level my soft and technical skills to work for US companies. I highly recommend Awana to anyone looking to play big and challenge themselves abroad.

The camp allowed me to level up with the highest technologies. Maybe at some points we felt lost and overwhelmed given it was an intensive program. At the end, it's important we learn to adapt to it.

Who is our training for?

Our AI Skills Accelerator is a self-paced and mentored course for: 

  • Experienced Developers: Software engineers, programmers, or developers with at least 2—3 years of professional coding experience. This ensures a solid foundation to build upon.

  • Motivated Learners: Professionals eager to expand their skillset and willing to dedicate 6-8 hours per week to the program. Consistency and commitment are crucial for success.

  • Cloud Enthusiasts: Developers exposed to cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP. Familiarity with these technologies will help understand the deployment and integration of AI solutions.


You shouldn't apply if:

  • You're not committed to accessing a life-changing job opportunity.
  • You don’t speak fluent English (B2 level min).
  • You’re afraid to disagree or formulate questions.
  • You're not looking for ai remote jobs.
  • You’re going to make excuses.

Not ready to become an ai developer?
Meet the mentor

Fabricio Quagliariello

Fabricio is a seasoned software architect and developer with over two decades of experience in creating innovative software solutions.

With a deep focus on cloud architecture and implementation, he has transitioned towards a cutting-edge field of Machine Learning (ML) and MLOps career, driven by a mission to harness intelligent technology for a brighter life.

He is deeply passionate about AI and is constantly updating his knowledge enabling him to share the latest advancements and techniques to other engineers.

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Here's what you will dive into during 8 weeks


Topics: Strings, Array, Linked List, Hash map


Patterns: Sliding Window, Two Pointers, Fast & Slow Pointers


System Design: Multithreading


Behavioral: STAR Method


Topics: Stack, Queues, Bit operations


Patterns: Merge Intervals, In-place reversal of linked list


System Design: Client and server, Load balancers/ proxy, webservers


Behavioral: Resume


Topics: Sorting


Patterns: Cyclic sort, Two Heaps, Top K elements


System Design: Authentication and Authorization, API Design


Behavioral: Ownership


Topics: Recursion, Tree


Patterns: BFS, DFS


System Design: Indexing and partitioning


Behavioral: Curiosity


Topics: Tree, Trie and Graphs

Patterns: BFS, DFS, Trie

System Design: Row DB, ACID properties

Behavioral: Have backbone / Courage / Be direct


Topics: Graph Bitwise

Patterns: Topological Sort, Union find

System Design: Batch Processing, Streaming

Behavioral: Innovation


Topics: Dynamic Programming


Patterns: LCS, Distinct paths, strings-dp


System Design: Text searching databases, caching and caching strategies


Behavioral: Move fast / Bias for actions


Topics: Dynamic programming, Greedy


Patterns: Minimum path, palindromic subsequence


Design Patterns: MVC, Factory pattern, IOC and Builder pattern.


Behavioral: Think Big / Live in future

Upcoming dates

Technical Interview Cohort 1

Q&A Call:

May 17, 2022

Start Date:
June 1, 2022


Technical Interview Cohort 2

Q&A Call:

To be defined

Start Date:
To be defined


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Am I getting hired after finishing this program?


Participating companies are on the lookout for exceptional AI professionals and are ready to offer positions to students who successfully complete the cohort. These companies will selectively choose the most outstanding participants for interviews.

How does the cohort work?

Join a select cohort, all sharpening their skills for AI-driven career opportunities and gearing up for job interviews.
Our program offers self-paced content, accessible above for your convenience. This allows participants the flexibility to tailor their learning experience to fit personal schedules.
Interactive live Q&A sessions will be available, with schedules provided to those who are chosen to participate.

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