2024 LATAM Compensation Report

We've created this report based on FAQs from companies looking to:

  • Understand comp ranges in LATAM before a hiring process
  • Keep companies up to date on the Latin American talent market
  • Make smart, informed decisions when growing their teams


What's inside:

Insights On LATAM’s Tech Hub

Discover how Latin American developers respond to the most demanded tech skills worldwide, as well as the most sought after positions for tech talent and non-tech professionals.

Compensation Table

Tech talent salaries according to seniority and years of experience for DevOps, Software Developers, QA Automation, QA Engineers, Customer Support Engineers, Digital Marketers, UX/UI Developers, Executive Assitants, and more.

Most Common Perks

Awana's LATAM Compensation Report suggests additional benefits to keep remote teams happy and for the long run.


The compensation report is a printable and summarized version of our Latin American Compensation Guide

Comp report

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