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Current available positions

JR Advanced Executive Assistant

USD 2.5k/month
Only for Mexico

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JR Support Engineer Node/React

USD 1.5—1.8k/month
Women are preferred

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Mid-level Full-Stack Node/React

USD 3.8—4.6k/month
Fintech or Accounting Experience is preferred
ML or Data Science is preferred

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Mid-level Full-Stack PHP/Vue.js

USD 2k/month
For Spanish Speakers

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Mid-level Functional QA

USD 2.5—2.8k/month
Postman experience needed

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SR Front-End React

USD 7k/month

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Senior Front-End React

Up to 6k/month
OTT experience needed
SEO experience is preferred

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Senior Software Architect AWS

Up to 7.5k/month
OTT experience needed
Node experience preferred

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