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13. Conscious Capitalism and Purpose-Driven Business Growth with Alexander McCobin

Join Alexander McCobin, Founder and CEO of Leap, in a deep dive into conscious capitalism, purpose-driven businesses, and building values-aligned teams.

Explore the challenges of balancing profitability and purpose for startups, the importance of metrics and leading indicators, and the role of purpose in attracting co-founders.

It is posible to scale businesses with a commitment to making the world more prosperous.


Other episodes

12. Start Strong and Sustainable with Jeff Cherry: Early Values and SDGs in Action

Jeff Cherry reveals insights into the transformative power of the Stakeholder Mindset, challenging conventional business norms.

Explore purpose-driven leadership, and actionable strategies for creating value for all stakeholders. Gain wisdom on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and unlock the keys to sustainable business growth.

Miranda Zolot, General Counsel at Oyster, provides a comprehensive legal perspective on navigating global employment.

Miranda discusses various aspects, including compliance, misclassification risks, intellectual property protection, and the differences between employing contractors and full-time employees. Her practical advice is valuable for startups and businesses looking to expand their talent pool internationally.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the legal considerations involved in global employment strategies.

In this episode, co-founder and COO Evan Perlmutter shares the journey of Marqii, a platform for optimizing restaurant listings.
From early product team struggles to a flexible approach to budgeting and market conditions, this conversation provides valuable insights for founders and entrepreneurs in navigating startup growth.

Get first-hand insights into Latin Americans unique mentality and the challenges developers and companies face when they relate to each other for the first time, with CTO Ivan Campaña.

Iván uncovers the fear of remote jobs, agency dynamics, and the importance of fair compensation, plus the intricacies of payment methods from his 7 years of remote work experience.

08. The Role of Referrals in Hiring and Recruitment 21:43
07. Hiring on a Budget - Strategies for Startups and Small Businesses 26:08
06. Maximizing Hiring Efficiency, A Deep Dive into the Cost of Hiring 32:39
05. Decoding Job Descriptions and the Future of Hiring 35:45
04. The art and science of hiring and contracting 20:08
03. Product Development & Testing 18:36
02. Tech Layoffs 18:36
01. Devshop, Venture Studio or Hiring Contractors 15:40


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