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The guide to hiring in latam for innovate tech leaders

Sr Full Stack working remotely for Tentrr

Rostan was looking for a full stack remote job where he could accomplish a steady financial life and stay closer to his newborn.

Developers from Latin America join Awana for

bullet point   Career growth and support
bullet point   Remote opportunities, better salaries
bullet point   Inspirational networking

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bullet point   Offer remote positions
bullet point   Discover new talent from LATAM
bullet point   Focus on growing

Still wondering how much you could be earning as a remote developer for U.S. companies?

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*Minimum salaries for Latin American developers with English profiency

English proficiency means talent have a min. B2 English level.
Values are an approximation and they can vary according to technology.


Is Awana helping me with the process of joining a company?


As a remote work platform that specializes in sourcing, vetting, and hiring qualified engineers from across the Americas, we connect you with the opportunity and with the company.

In what countries are the job opportunities placed?


We focus on international opportunities, mostly in the United States.

Am I free to accept or decline the job opportunity?


Yes, you will always have the chance to see and choose what's the best opportunity for you.

Are the opportunities always fully remote?


Yes, as opportunities are abroad, they will always be full time remote.

The contract I signed, would it be directly with Awana or with the companies that you connect me with?


Depending on the payment arrangement, it can be either with Awana as the Employee of Record or as a contractor.