Improve your English for engineering jobs

Our English Camp is a mentored online program created for software developers that want to land remote jobs and start earning more.

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With English Camp you will get:

  • Precision: You will easily communicate in work environments increasing your vocabulary, correcting grammar errors and practicing pronunciation.

  • Growth: You will get connected to US companies that offer career opportunities as a senior developer, and better pay. 

  • Confidence: You will meet and interact with guests during class, practicing your English with fluency. 

  • Limitless opportunities: You will get interview prep, and access tech mentors and career coaches to support you through landing a new job.

You should apply if any of this resonates:

  • You're a programmer from Latin America with 4+ years of experience.

  • You have the developer skills but struggle to find the words to talk about projects, work-related topics and your accomplishments.

  • You have a pre-intermediate understanding of English, and you're looking to become a fluent speaker.

  • You want to empower yourself and advance your career.

Before entering English Camp I had no confidence in my oral communication. The most valuable thing has been the opportunity to speak with colleagues allowing me to stop thinking in Spanish. I've gained a lot of confidence and I know that I will be able to communicate effectively with my future coworkers.

What is the time commitment?


This program is 72 hours long. It requires 6 weekly hours of virtual meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for 3 consecutive months. Each virtual meeting lasts 2 hours.

In addition to classes you will have asynchronous assignments to complete and deliver on time, and bonus sessions to practice your conversational English skills.

Am I free to accept or decline the job opportunity?


Yes, you will always have the chance to see and choose what's the best opportunity for you.

Are the opportunities always fully remote?


Yes, as opportunities are abroad, they will always be full time remote. Take a look at the developer skills you will learn to boost.

What happens if I don't finish the program?


Each cohort has limited places. Candidates are selected from hundreds of applications and selected applicants are asked to sign an agreement. It would be a shame if a slot is released midway. If this is the case and you decide not to finish the program or leave it ahead of time, you would be charged a penalty fee of USD 500 as stated in our agreement.

How much does it cost?


The total cost of the camp is USD100. To save your spot in English Camp, an upfront payment is required.

How would my progress be evaluated?


Throughout the course you will have ongoing tests. There will be one halfway through  and another at the end.

Will I get a certificate?


When you finish the program you will receive a certificate that proves your assistance at our camp.