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We help companies hire talent in LATAM through our customized hiring process based on your needs.


Awana's Talent Hunt

Ideal for CEOs and HR professionals with no Tech Lead on staff.

Find and hire Elite Talent from Latin America with our most complete recruiting service. Our expert recruiters tap into diverse skilled networks in LATAM, uncovering true gems.

Our process proudly achieves a remarkable 98% success rate.

  • Discover candidates within five days
  • Leverage Awana's Network and other talent sources
  • Unlimited candidate search
  • Dedicated Technical Recruiter
  • End-to-end support
  • Replacements at no cost*

*Within 3-month probation period.

talent hunt
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Awana's Sourcing Pro

The best option for CTOs & COOs looking for unique and scarce talent.

Increase your odds of discovering the right candidate. Our team of specialists will pave the way for innovative talent acquisition strategies in Latin America.

Effortlessly secure hard-to-find talent.

  • Discover candidates within five days
  • Leverage Awana's Network and other talent sources
  • Unlimited candidate search
  • Dedicated Sourcer


Awana's Network Shortlist

For CTOs and HR professionals looking for a fast and cost-efficient talent search.

Our network offers pre-vetted, highly skilled, and ready-to-hire talent. With a focus on precision and personalization, get access to great candidates without overspending. 

  • Discover candidates within two days
  • Leverage Awana's network
  • Limited candidate search

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Compare and find out which service is the right for you

  Awana's Talent Hunt Awana's Sourcing Pro Awana's Network Shortlist
Internal sourcing from Awana's Network, tapping into a 2.5k talent pool
External sourcing from Linkedin, StackOverflow, Github, etc. 
Dedicated Sourcer
JD creation support
Dedicated Technical Recruiter
Maximum number of candidates delivered Unlimited Unlimited Up to 6
In-depth analysis of profiles
Technical and soft skills vetting
Candidate available to hire
Candidate alignment to company's culture
Constant talent engagement for lower drop-off
Interview scheduling support
Offer letter support
Onboarding checklist and guide for new hires
3 month guarantee
Follow-up with company and talent for seamless alignment

Need help deciding on the perfect service for you?

We will do the work for you.

Wether you need to hire an application manager in Mexico, a virtual assistant in Colombia or a developer in Brazil, we make sure you have a hassle-free experience.

Technical Recruiting Guide

Take your first steps towards navigating LATAM’s talent hub

Inside our free guide you will learn about top countries to hire, onboarding and hiring processes, wages, time zones, and more.