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Three-month support

We ensure everything runs smoothly or replace your candidate (No additional fees).

Our services

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Talent Placement

We identify top talent from Latin America, tailored to your specific requirements with our customized recruiting process

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Talent Management

From recruitment to compliance and payments, we handles all aspects of talent management in Latin America

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International Payments

We streamline your contractor payments, ensuring prompt transactions.



Larissa Ríos
Application Manager from Brazil

“Larissa's work ethic is good. She is always willing to take on extra projects. She is a team player - working great with our Lead Developer.”

Gavin Hay - Hiring Manager at Bento Engine

Alexander Samaniego
Mid Back-end Developer from Ecuador

“He’s great! Good fit, hard working, exactly what we need. We need more Alexanders!”

Carl Lane - Hiring Manager at Marqii

Karla García
Mid SRE from Mexico

“Karla has been doing well. She is learning quickly and already making contributions as she ramps up.”

Debbie Gillespie - Hiring Manager at Particle

Why Awana?

We're technical recruiting experts for post-seed startups on a mission to reach new milestones.

With our personalized services, we have proudly earned the title of "startups' cheerleaders."

We are passionate about LATAM and we're here to be your trusted partners, building incredible remote teams.

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talent retention rate from our placements.


of our clients are returning customers.


of our clients were unlucky using recruiting platforms before hiring Awana.


years is the average time our candidates stay in their jobs.

Our hiring process

Understanding Goals

Understanding your goals

Share your hiring needs on a scheduled call.

ETC: 2-5 days
Receive the Best Talent

Receive the best talent

We vet profiles and shortlist candidates that meet your hiring criteria.

ETC: 2-5 days*
Start Interviewing

Start interviewing

Meet with candidates and select the right one.

ETC: 1-2 weeks*
Hire and Onboarding

Hire and onboarding

Make an offer and seal the deal.

ETC: 2-3 days

Time varies depending on the search criteria and company’s internal hiring process.

How we filter candidates?

Our vetting process is designed to thoroughly analyze a candidate's technical, communication and soft skills according to your company's needs.
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What Do I Need To Have As A Company Before Looking For A New Role?


We strongly recommend you to have a culture fit and a clear job description of the role you need to fill in the company. In any recruitment process, it begins by defining the functions of the position sought, in order to facilitate the recruiting process and find the candidate who really aligns with what is required.

In Awana, our specialized recruitment team can help you structure the perfect job description before starting the search for expert computer programmers.

Can I Formally Hire Developers In Their Country Of Residence?


At Awana, we make sure that our customers can hire with a contract that follows labor and taxation laws corresponding to the country of residence of the candidate. We consider that it is important to provide this service so that the labor agreement is aligned with the established laws of each country.

This generates greater security at the time of hiring for both the employee and the employer.

What Kind Of Documents Can Awana Provide Me To Use When Hiring?

  • We can provide you with an Offer Letter template, whenever you are ready to hire someone.
  • For Colombia and Ecuador employees, we provide you with a Formal Contract template with all the benefits of the law for you to hire developers who reside in those countries.
  • For any other Latin American countries, we provide you with a Professional Services Contract template.
  • In addition to these, we also provide an Intellectual Property (IP) Contract template to ensure that your new hire, with access to IP information, will act appropriately, irrespective of the timing and duration of that access.

How do you avoid the complications of hiring a LATAM Team?


Some companies are reluctant to hire remotely, having been burned by bad past experiences. But Awana is about more than just closing a contract; we’re committed to facilitating a holistically positive collaboration-- from seamless hiring process to completed quality goal.

We carefully vet candidates to ensure cultural understanding, fluent English, a quality education, at least 2 years of experience, and knowledge of the latest technologies.

How quickly will I be able to hire?


Because Awana can pull from our large and established community of talent software engineers, we hire exceptionally quickly. That said, exact hiring timelines vary depending on your project, specifications, skills required, contract details, etc.

We maintain constant communication and keep you informed throughout the entire process.