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How we helped a fintech hire remote talent in LATAM

Discover how Awana helped a B2B fintech hire remote talent in LATAM, including an application manager and back-end developers.

Bento Engine is a B2B fintech SaaS company working as consultants for those looking for wealth management advice through an award winning technology and content solution.



Awana specializes in helping companies match with top software developers. However, LATAM harvests top talent from multiple disciplines, and our regional network allows us to help companies hire remote talent for all tech-related job positions.


The Challenge

Bento Engine asked Awana for support in hiring an application manager—a liaison between clients and the product team, with +4 years of experience, proficient English and excellent soft skills.

We felt confident we could fulfill the role and any other hiring needs.



María Daniela, Bento Engine's designated technical recruiter, knew what to look for in profiles to have a culture match.

Our vetting process considers the type of business we are helping to hire to see if candidates respond positively.

Three days later, she shared eight ideal candidates for Bento Engine to review. 

Knowing Awana responded quickly and effectively impressed Bento Engine, they knew they had hired the right candidate: work ethics and adaptability matched with company's and  to working with their lead developer. 


A returning customer and new challenge

After a few weeks, the company came back with the need to hire remote software engineers.

"Every candidate has been very professional and eager to learn and progress in their careers. Awana did a great job screening and presenting wonderful candidates. It was a hard decision to choose which one to hire."

Gavin Hay 

CTO and co-founder of Bento Engine



- 8 vetted candidates

- Female application manager from Brazil

- Shortlist sent in 72 hours

- 3 new positions opened after the first successful experience with Awana

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