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Hire a Programmer

How To Keep Software Developers Happy

Keep your tech team intact by learning what constitutes an ideal working environment where developers feel happy and satisfied working for you.

Guide to hire in Latam

Debunking Five Myths About Hiring in LATAM

What myths are stopping startups from hiring in LATAM? Misinformation might be shortening your access to an untapped talent pool of developers. 

Guide to hire in Latam

Hiring in LATAM Is More Than A Trend.

During our event, we met up with Deel's Braden Roggow to discuss why hiring in LATAM has become the go-to destination for startups looking for tech...

Guide to hire in Latam

Where in LATAM can you hire a coder?

If you want to hire a coder from LATAM, we recommend these countries as your go-to destination to find software talent.

Recruitment Services

Awana's Recruitment Service & Contracts

Read our types of recruitment services and contracts to find out what Awana can do to help your startup find the candidates it needs.

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