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Awana's Advantage Over Other Recruitment Services

What sets Awana apart from other recruitment services? A customized hiring process, a focus on LATAM talent, and a 98% success rate is only a start.


There are several recruitment services out there. It can sometimes make it hard to choose which is best to help you find the tech talent you need. We get the rush; you must complete your tech team fast, but rushed and un-calculated recruiting can sometimes bring long-winded unwanted results.

As a company dedicated to boosting companies' potential by offering access to undiscovered talent from LATAM, we sure get our fair amount of questions about why we do what we do.

To us, it's not a question of why but how we do things that differentiate us from other recruitment companies. Sure, it's an investment, but because of our technical approach to vetting candidates and our customized hiring process, we have achieved a 98% success rate after the first 3 months

Here are three advantages that make us a solid pick when acquiring recruitment services to build your tech team.


1) We believe in our LATAM network

LATAM developers have excellent coding and leadership skills; we believe they can help your company and its tech team reach new potential. LATAM’s talent hub has been harvesting for years, and it is safe to say that they are already part of groundbreaking tech teams.

We have an eye for talent; in 2 years we've placed +100 developers. We master the process of recognizing candidates that match your tech requirements and company culture.

We've worked with marketing, IT development and consulting, hospitality, fintech, e-commerce, and digital publishing companies, all with favorable results. 


2) Our process is bulletproof and timely

We offer a customized approach to recruiting, but another of our strengths is the experience our hiring process provides you. There can be much uncertainty when you hire recruitment services, whether because of poor communication from their end or flaky hires; our goal is to give you confidence every step of the way.

It is essential for us that you feel at ease time-wise; recruitment companies that rely solely on technology platforms can take too long to find the talent with the skills you need, but you will have to do all the vetting. Awana supports hiring managers in saving at least 160 hours of their time, screening, vetting, hand-picking and building a strong pipeline with talent who will commit to your business.

We do this by listening closely to what your business means to you and the passion behind it. Understanding what you want to accomplish is also a must for us; that way, we can map precisely what the developer will be working on and the milestone it represents for your company.

We have a growth mindset we aim to achieve when building teams for both parties involved. A successful hire for us entails your company getting a team member that will grow alongside it, matching your workspace and workflow perfectly.


3) What makes us the right choice

Our team of recruiters is different from your run-of-the-mill staffing agency personnel; they offer you a technical approach you will not find in most recruitment agencies. They know all the ins and outs when looking for the right talent for your company.

Having a human behind the wheel gives us a chance to offer you a customized service built from our understanding of all the pains and difficulties companies go through when building their nearshore tech teams.

We're not kidding when we say we go the extra mile to ensure your tech candidates match. We include a three-months support period for every hire. If a developer is not merging well within your company, we help your company find a replacement free of charge ASAP.

We can do this because we've worked endlessly to keep our talent pipeline active. Our focus is to help you save time by offering pre-vetted, ready-to-hire, and culturally matched candidates from LATAM.


A team of dedicated technical recruiters just for you

At Awana, we place the brightest professionals in LatAm for long-term jobs. Accessing our services is an investment, but in the long run, you earn much more than just a quick hire. Our track record speaks for itself:

- 95% talent retention after 1 year.

- 21% of our hires are women.

- 40% of our clients who hire a LATAM developer for the first time keep hiring talent from the region.

- We've saved 3-6 months of work to 30% of our clients who were using job posting and recruiting platforms with no success, before hiring with Awana.

- Our hires stay in their jobs for at least 1.5 years.


Our focus on the LATAM market and our technical approach to vetting candidates ensures that we can provide you with access to exceptional talent that will match your requirements and blend seamlessly with your company culture.

 We offer a customized hiring process that will save you time, and our recruiters go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with the candidates we provide. With our high customer satisfaction and talent retention record, you can trust that you are making a wise investment in your company's future. 


Need talent fast? We'll take care of recruiting.


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