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Hire a software developer in LATAM: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations versus reality of what it's like to hire a software developer in LATAM. Avoid a bumpy ride, here's some guidance to get you started.

Hiring skilled software developers can be a bumpy ride with the overwhelming number of platforms available. Here are some of the expectations that often fall short when looking to hire a software developer in Latin America.

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#1 - Finding engineers is Easy

Among the myriad of software engineers in the market seeking opportunities to advance their careers, not every candidate will be the perfect fit for your company.

While strong developer skills are essential in selecting the right addition to your workforce, there are additional factors to consider when recruiting a software developer.



Reality: Finding the right engineers takes experience, and time

During the hiring process, it's crucial to assess more than just a candidate's technical abilities. Look for individuals with proven expertise, strong soft skills, and effective communication skills.

Top-tier candidates often fly under the radar because they are not actively seeking new opportunities. If they haven't gone the extra mile to showcase their talents, you may need to put in extra effort to seek them out and engage with them. This may require more time and persistence, but the results can be well worth it in finding the perfect fit for your team.


#2 - Job descriptions alone are enough

Not all software developers possess identical talents or skills, so it is crucial to pinpoint the required level of experience and knowledge for your business, along with desired qualifications rather than just the "must-haves."

While job descriptions serve as a solid foundation, it's essential not to solely rely on the skill set. Trusting only on platform filters is a common mistake made by companies. The human element, whether it be intuition or a technical eye, is often underestimated in the hiring process.


Reality: Not every developer uses their skills for the same purpose

Knowing what you want your software developer to build for you is only half of the job; the other is figuring out what type of developer you need to do so. Whether it's a Back-End or Front-End developer, you need to find out what specialization and other knowledge the programmer needs for the job.

When writing your job description, run it through with an experienced developer to determine if you need one candidate or multiple with different skill sets.


#3 - Hiring platforms are great for finding engineers

While hiring platforms can be a valuable tool for connecting with tech talent, the challenge arises when inundated with an overwhelming number of candidate submissions.

Sorting through a large pool of applicants can make the decision-making process more arduous, potentially leading to a lack of reliability, proven experience, and expertise in finding the ideal candidate for your team.


Reality: Focus on quantity, rather than quality

While hiring platforms with specialized filters can help narrow down the candidate pool, it's important to remember that simply meeting a filter criteria doesn't guarantee the perfect match.

The screening process, which filters cultural fit and communication skills, is a crucial step that follows the initial search results. Jumping to conclusions too soon can lead to overlooking key aspects. Screening can be challenging when quantity takes precedence over quality.


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