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How to Find and Hire Programmers from LATAM

The Latin American developer marketplace has proven to harbor a talented group of professionals. Here we will tell you how to hire programmers near you.

The Latin American developer marketplace has proven to harbor a worthy and talented group of professionals. It’s no wonder companies around the globe are trying to access their workforce since there are mutual perks when hiring its programmers.

We’re here to guide you through the steps you need to take in order to find, hire and onboard outstanding software talent from LATAM.

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Where do you start?

Community Approach

Writing a Job Description

Interviewing the Talent

Hiring Talent

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Where do you start?

There are thousands of active developers working in the Latin American region. Most have full time or freelancing jobs working for local businesses or corporations. 

When unemployed, they usually scout for opportunities on massive job services websites. You may try LinkedIn, Github or Stack Overflow to find candidates, however be aware that you may receive an overwhelming amount of applicants that may not align with your requirements.

A Community Approach

Latam has multiple communities for its programmers, in these they share valuable technical knowledge and limited job openings. A much more valuable approach is to contact key figures in these communities in order to narrow your options.

Introducing yourself to these communities will give you access to a more select group of programmers. This will improve your chances of finding candidates who will truly fit your programming requirements.

Writing a Job Description

Make sure you encompass relevant information when writing your job description, it’s important to be specific. These are some of the things you need to include in order to improve your chances of finding the right candidate:

- Give a detailed description of your company

- Describe the job in detail

- Detail experience needed to apply

- Describe your commitment to the candidate

- Don’t forget to include your contact information

Interviewing the Talent

Your job description did great online, now it’s time to get to know your candidates personally in order to hire the programmer that will best suit your company. When interviewing the talent make sure you don’t immediately make it about the technical aspects of the job.

Try to get to know what the candidate is like by asking him about his past experiences as a developer. This will give you insight into the type of workflow the candidate has been a part of during his career as a developer.

Once you have broken the ice you may talk about the technical aspects of the position you are looking to fill. If you want to test the candidate we recommend using platforms such as Pluralsight, Devskiller or Testgorilla to do so.

Latin American developers have great English skills, however avoid talking too fast to avoid anything getting lost in translation during the interview.

Hiring the Talent

Once you are confident that the candidate meets all your requirements it’s time for you to officially seal the deal. What does this mean? You need to create a legally binding contract detailing the terms of your working arrangement.

A contract will detail working hours, pay, its timeframe and the perks you will provide for your new contractor. Depending on where the developer is from, perks can be negotiated and looser terms are allowed depending on his involvement with the company itself.

An IP Contract will require more legally binding steps in order to arrange compensation deposits since taxing laws in some Latin American countries require the company to be registered in the country’s database.

Make sure to have legal aid during this part of the hiring process and don’t forget to be specific when writing your contract. Having a translated copy of the contract in Spanish is a very effective method to assure that the contractor will understand his duties and perks.

What our experience has shown us

The talent is out there you just need to recognize the candidates that will truly add value to your company and its team. Here are 3 advice you can add to everything you’ve learned so far:

- Focus on the potential

- Look for hard and soft Skills

- Hire Passionate People

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