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Recruiting Candidates from Mexico for a loT platform

Particle needed help recruiting candidates from Mexico to expand its team presence in LATAM.

Particle provides an integrated loT platform service that helps businesses connect, manage and deploy software applications. They're based in San Francisco and have a globally distributed team.



Particle came to Awana looking to close multiple roles for their team; they are a tech-savvy company aiming to hire candidates exclusively in Mexico. After spending eight months looking for a developer with few results, they decided to try a different approach.

These were the roles they wanted to close:

"1 Mid SRE developer with +4 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Senior Visual Designer with +7 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Mid Executive Assistant with +4 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Senior UX designer with +7 years of experience, proficient in English."



Being a recruiting company based on LATAM, finding top software developers from Mexico was a challenge we were qualified to fulfill. Particle had experience hiring developers, so much so that they asked Awana if we could consider some of the phases of their hiring process into ours.

For the Mid SRE role, our recruiter Cristina presented four candidates within a week; Awana and Particle reviewed each option as a team. It took three weeks for the candidate of their choosing to pass all the phases of their hiring process and be hired by the company.

We repeated the process for the Visual Designer role, for which we presented three profiles in less than a week for Particle to review. The assessment ended in over three weeks, the candidate was hired, and Particle returned to hire a Senior UX designer with Cristina. Five profiles were presented within a week and assessed successfully. 

Awana even helped Particle find a Mid Executive assistant, branching out from the type of hires we usually offer. Our experience with Particle showed how our customized hiring process is perfect for the company to grow its team and earn an ally willing to help them get there.

“I am very excited to start collaborating with Particle's team. The Experience with Awana has been excellent and professional. They have been attentive at every step.”

Elias Ruvalcaba

Senior Visual Designer



- Awana branched out and helped Particles find a visual designer.

- All candidates met location requirements

- Particle became a returning customer 

- Solidified as a LATAM technical recruiting agency


- 2 designated technical recruiters

- 12 Vetted candidates

- 4 hires from Mexico

- 2 female candidates onboarded

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