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Market research platform adds software developer skills to their team

Thanks to our effective vetting process, a market research platform found the software developer skills they needed in record time.

Pilotly is a fantastic platform for those looking to create and distribute content. Whether a company or an independent creator, the platforms allow users to access research, user experience testing, and data analysis to improve their content's engagement.



Identifying top software developers took a lot of bandwidth for Pilotly. The company was looking for a straightforward hiring process that would allow them to avoid outlandish costs and save time.

These are the profiles they were looking for:

1 Mid Full-stack developer + 3 years of experience, English proficiency skills

1 Senior QA Automation + 6 years of experience, English proficiency skills

1 Senior mobile IOS developer +7 years of experience, English proficiency skills



Cristina, Pilotly's designated technical recruiter, started searching for full-stack and QA candidates within our talent network.

She made sure to pinpoint Pilotly's requirements beforehand. Technical recruiting is more than recognizing coding skills. Cristina went the extra mile reviewing more than just the seniority of candidates.

Eleven days later, seven Full-Stack profiles and two QA candidates landed in Pilotly's inbox. Despite being the holiday season, Pilotly was impressed with our timely response and how well their skills matched.

Each candidate went through Pilotlys behavioral and technical interviews, and within two months, they were onboarded to their company’s team. Pilotly became a returning client, opening up a third role for a senior mobile IOS developer they wanted Awana to recruit.

Pilotly became a returning client, opening up a third role for a senior mobile IOS developer they wanted Awana to recruit. 

We repeated our vetting and hiring process, and within four days, Awana's recruiters had five candidates for them to review. A month later, Pilotly onboarded the ideal LATAM mobile developer to their company.

Awana's hiring process was transparent, and Pilotly's CEO was impressed with our recruitment team's level of detail and software developers in Latin America's problem-solving mindset.


"Awana will help you find engineers south of the border; they'll be in your timezone, speak English, and become an integral part of your team. Within a few weeks, we found the candidate we wanted to hire".

James Norman

C.E.O. of Pilotly



- 14 Vetted profiles for the client to review.

- 2 countries, with hires from Brazil and Costa Rica.

- 100% talent retention

- Returning Customers



- Streamline process, good flow

- Undeniable skills of the candidates from our network 

- Good communication.

- Transparent, no outlandish costs.

- Awana's recruiters acted like an extension of their team

- Presented profiles to Pilotly in 11 days



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