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Hire in LATAM: Full Stack Developer Salary

No need to google Full stack developer Salary anymore. See what comp looks like in LATAM.

Looking for the right full-stack developers can be overwhelming for anyone hiring for the first time. Considering LATAM’s tech marketplace is a great way to expand your search and find amazing talent.  

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The problem with the U.S. marketplace

Protecting your budget 

Latin America’s diversity of talent

Find senior full-stack developers faster


The problem with the U.S. marketplace

The truth is the U.S. tech marketplace is looking a little unstable these days after 2022's layoffs. 

This is why companies looking to hire programmers have their eyes set on LATAM’s marketplace as their best bet to find talent. A study by Stack Overflow showed Latin America and Asia as the top regions with the highest number of programmers geographically.

Latin America’s time zone alignment and location serve as an ideal partner when looking to hire a programmer. 


Protecting your budget 

When looking to hire experienced programmers, we know budget is an important issue to consider. Setting your eyes on LATAM can solve this.

A Senior full-stack developer compensation in the U.S. is around 72k to 113k USD. while LATAM offers the same level of experience at 48k to 96k USD., which represents a much more viable option for companies stretching out their budgets.

On the other hand, a Mid Level Full-Stack developer's compensation in the U.S. can range between 67k and 106k USD. while in LATAM they earn between 26.7k and 46K USD. 

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Latin America’s diversity of talent

Expect a multicultural and talented group if you are looking to hire a programmer from any of the many regions of Latin America. Each country has its own spice but shares the same commitment to its craft. 

Hiring in LATAM gives you a chance to experience top software talent with compensation and perks for developers that are accessible for most companies.


Being the nearest country to the U.S., Mexico has maintained an active market for years and is home to thousands of experienced programmers. The country is home to important branches of big tech companies such as IBM, Motora and Dell.


Known for its geographical diversity, Ecuador shares the same currency as the U.S. and its developers show great potential. Ecuador’s ESPOL university is highly celebrated for its programmers' code quality and problem-solving skills. 


The city of Bogota is where most of its local programmers reside, and its marketplace grows stronger every year. You will find that Colombia’s time zone similarities with the U.S. will be a great advantage if you are looking to hire one of their programmers.


Home to the largest number of programmers in the region, Brazil will not disappoint you if you are looking for outstanding software talent. Its software industry is growing at a 6% yearly rate, and its programmers have shown themselves as creative team players. 


Find senior full-stack developers faster

Outsourcing Latin American programmers is a great way to add value to your company. They are committed workers and are always looking for opportunities to achieve professional growth. 

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