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What's the Average Front End Developer Salary in 2022?

There's a big demand to hire software developers. Learn how much a front end developer salary is worth for your next hire.

The competitive demand to hire Front End Developers is more ruthless than ever for companies looking to scale. It’s not that a front end developer salary has excessive ranges; it’s the competitiveness to hire them that makes it challenging to define a universal amount. 

So if you want to know what the average Front-End developer's salary looks like, you came to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Front-End Developer’s salary ranges in 2022.


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What exactly does a Front-End Developer do?

What’s a Front-End developer’s salary look like in the U.S.?

Looking South: Front-End developer’s salary in LATAM

Are you looking to hire Front-End developers from LATAM?


What exactly does a Front-End Developer do?

Developers who focus on creating a memorable user interface experience for web browsers are Front-End developers. When a startup wants to improve its digital presence on the internet (Company websites or apps), they hire Front-End developers.

Front-End developers are in charge of building how your website or app will look while also focusing on how its users interact while navigating it. Front-end developers have become an essential part of how startups do business since it gives them direct access to their products online.

Front-End developers’ salaries vary, and they are usually high priced because of the high demand for their skills. Here are some of the skills and knowledge that define Front-End developers:

  • Creating interfaces and user-facing systems.
  • Defining navigation and user experience.
  • Use of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Basic usage of GIT.
  • Web security knowledge.
  • GraphQL
  • Static site generators like Next.js and Gatsby.js
  • Mobile applications (React Native)

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What’s a Front-End developer’s salary look like in the U.S.?

Front-End developer salaries in the U.S. can range from USD84,144 to USD130,000 a year, depending on the candidate's seniority. Mid-level Front-End developer salaries have a monthly estimate of USD7,000, while senior candidates can show higher ranges up to USD10,830 a month.

This may vary depending on the benefits and bonuses discussed during salary negotiations with them. Still, those are the amounts you may expect to find when looking to hire full-time Front-end developers for your company’s workforce. 

Because the demand to hire Front-End Developers is so elevated in the U.S., you may see companies offering higher salaries. They do this to snatch candidates quicker from startups and other businesses that can’t compete with multinational corporations.

This extreme competition to find and hire Front end developers is making startups reconsider where they are looking for candidates. Latin America is the next big thing for startups in the U.S. based on their geographical location and time zone. 


Looking South: Front-End developer’s salary in LATAM


The LATAM developer market has seen significant talent growth in the region and is becoming the go-to place for U.S. startups looking to hire. Front-End developers’ salaries in LATAM give startups a considerable advantage over U.S. ranges because of the lower cost of living in the region’s countries.

The Front-End developer salary is an average of USD60,000 a year in LATAM ( USD5k/month), which is favorable for recently founded U.S. startups looking to scale. Code quality for LATAM Front-End developers is not affected by its lower ranges; candidates in the region show great talent for startups looking to protect their budgets.

The lower ranges the LATAM market offers don’t affect the quality of the work that needs to be done, so it's becoming an ideal option for startups.

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