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Hiring in LATAM Is More Than A Trend

A discussion with Deel's Braden Roggow on why hiring in LATAM has become the go-to destination for companies looking for tech talent.

LATAM tech talent is changing the game for companies looking to hire developers to grow their remote teams. During our Awana Talk About the event, we discussed why LATAM had become such a hot destination for those looking to add members to their nearshore teams.

Here are some highlights and essential information discussed during the first edition of our Awana Talk About event.


Deel's Special Guest Braden Roggow

We took this event as an opportunity to celebrate our new partnership with Deel and had Braden Roggow as our guest speaker. Braden is an account executive for Deel; he has a background in think tech, financial services, and creative services. 

 Deel is a company that shares our enthusiasm for remote work, and they agreed that it is undeniable that interest in LATAM is skyrocketing. 

Having the chance to partner up with Deel makes perfect sense for Awana because both of our companies are powered by the potential of remote work. It's like two puzzle pieces coming together. Awana offers startups a connection to LATAM’s talented developers, and Deel provides international payment services to handle their programmer compensations.


“Startups are starting to change their hiring strategies and can't deny that having a remote work mindset allows them to broaden their talent pool”. Braden Roggow - Account Executive at Deel.


Awana's CEO and co-founder broke the ice

Calvin Sedao is the CEO of our company; his career experience allowed him to help build teams using technologies like python, SQL, and javascript. He is a proud advocate for globalizing employment and is passionate about solving people's problems.

 “Companies are interested in creative candidates that respond well to a startup's environment, and their chances of finding them in LATAM are favorable.” Remote Work is changing how companies build their nearshore teams, and LATAM's time zone is just one of the factors that makes it an easy choice for companies looking to hire.

Both joined our company-focused event to share insights, trends, and hints that interest the ones looking to get in on the action LATAM offers startups looking to hire a developer. They then engaged in conversations to further discuss the state of hiring and growing interest in LATAM.


Deel's 2022 Eye Opening Hiring Report

Deel recently launched a 2022 hiring report, they analyzed their data, and the trend showed that LATAM countries are at the top of the list, offering the largest number of remote hires based on their location.

Not only that, but their report also showed a significant interest in software developers. It is undeniable that LATAM is offering a unique talent pool in software talent, and companies are choosing them over local programmers.

LATAM's interest, on both fronts, has become one of the fastest-growing regions for remote work worldwide. Companies are investing more and more in LATAM as the year ends, which looks favorable for 2023. 

Even cryptocurrency investors have their eyes on LATAM. Before the pandemic, no one thought much about remote settings, but two years later, the trend is not slowing down and shows that 40% of U.S. companies are keeping things remote and actively building their nearshore teams with LATAM candidates.

Companies are investing more and more in LATAM as the year ends, which looks favorable for 2023. 


Companies shouldn't miss out on hiring LATAM talent

Some companies are missing out, but those doubling down and keeping a remote work mindset have a unique chance to scoop up all the excellent talent before other companies discover the region's potential.

Hiring LATAM candidates as contractors allow employees to feel less like stressed and doesn't differ much from what the presence a full-time employee may offer.

Some companies hesitate to hire LATAM because they don't know how to access the region's talent. Even when they come across talented candidates, they fail to miss what makes hiring in LATAM unique.

For example, a fantastic thing about LATAM is that hiring an employee as a contractor entails a more beneficial working relationship than when hired in the U.S. Hiring LATAM candidates as contractors allow employees to feel less like hired guns and doesn't differ much from what the presence a full-time employee may offer.

Not to mention how perfectly candidates can adapt to your startup's environment and culture fit, which makes onboarding them much more accessible.


Helping companies move forward during harsh times

There is still a shortage of developers, and during the U.S. recession, Deel's data points that people are continuing to hire. Hiring in LATAM is granting startups access to software talent they wouldn't be able to find or even afford in the U.S.

When times are tough, you want to make decisions that won't put your budget in danger but will allow you to keep your business moving forward. 

Deel's numbers teach us that LATAM’s candidates from the region are allowing startups to continue to grow their teams despite economic circumstances. LATAM’s candidates are much more affordable for startups without losing the quality of their coding skills.

This explains the growing trend of why it has become a hot spot for startups looking to find talent for their teams. It allows them to move forward by accessing an untapped talent pool willing to commit to their companies.  

Software candidates in LATAM are eager to work with U.S startups. When hiring in LATAM, companies also have the chance to diversify their workforce while positively impacting the developer's life.

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