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The Impact of Hiring Remote Software Engineers From LATAM

Here are some undeniable facts about the impact hiring remote software engineers from LATAM has had worldwide.

LATAM developers are changing the world; the demand for their talent is shaping economies, opening up new gateways for remote work, and even projecting an optimistic view into the future.

If you are still deciding whether you should consider hiring remote software engineers from LATAM, here are three reasons that prove how they actively have changed the tech world as we know it.


LATAM economy is rising 

With many parties interested in hiring in LATAM countries, each location in the region is currently bringing more money to their local economy than ever before due to working with nearshore and off-shore businesses. LATAM is looking at around 78$ billion pumped into its economy.

It's not only physical products or oil; there is income from other services, such as software development, evidencing  the increasing demand for remote developers by tech companies abroad.

We've seen our fair share while actively recruiting tech talent from Latin America for U.S companies. The potential is undeniable, and it looks like it will continue to grow if it keeps up its rhythm.

Every time a developer gets hired, they are actively helping their country's economies with their software skills. That's a significant impact if you ask us.



The future looks promising

Remote work settings have been going strong for a while now; almost 44% of LATAM developers work remotely for nearshore companies. The region is currently at the top of the growth rate for the number of contractors hired by international companies.

The growth rate is excellent news for developers because more can access salaries they wouldn't get offered working locally. LATAM developers getting hired by nearshore companies inspire others to improve their coding and soft skills, making LATAM’s talent hub stronger, one job at a time. 

Isn't this a promising loop toward greatness?



The word is spreading

Cultural differences can cause hesitation before hiring LATAM developers. Many companies need to pay more attention to how well the region's software talent can adapt to workplaces different from theirs.

LATAM developers are gathering the attention of some countries you wouldn't guess on your first try, which is a big deal for developers' careers. Years before, thinking big Chinese corporations would opt to hire LATAM developers seemed unlikely.

However, these corporations started doing business on-site in LATAM, introducing them to local developers and tech leads. Chinese companies value workers who try to understand their culture, and they've found it in LATAM.

For LATAM developers who have had the opportunity to work with these companies, it's been a career-boosting experience.

As more Chinese companies hire LATAM's developers, the more the word is spreading that the region's developers can work with major companies from all corners of the globe without hassle.



Seeing is Believing

We continue to believe in the potential talent from Latin America can bring to startups, so we make an extra effort to help the hiring process run smoothly for both parties involved. LATAM's talent hub has been building up for years; by this point, their talent is undeniable.

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