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Awana's recruitment services to hire remote talent in LatAm

Explore Awana's recruitment services to hire remote talent in Latin America. Hire developers or get a shortlist of skilled non-technical talent.

From full-cycle recruiting to specifically shortlisting the best talent from candidate pipelines, Awana offers companies flexible ways to hire remote talent in Latin America with reliable results. 98% guaranteed.

Awana's Talent Hunt: Full-cycle recruiting service

This service is ideal for companies that need to hire remote developers.

Awana's LATAM technical recruiting team sources the top software talent from the region, supporting startups in finding undiscovered, ready-to-hire candidates that match with your company’s values and goals.

Service Details:

  • Sourcing, screening and vetting profiles

  • Building a robust pipeline of candidates

  • Delivering successful placements

  • 3-month warranty: Follow-ups that minimizes the risk of a placement not working out 

Contracts Needed:

Recruiting Service Agreement (RSA): When requesting our talent placement service, we’ll share an RSA contract with you; this will formalize your request to access our services and must be signed once conditions are agreed upon.

Discover how we make sure  we vet developers the right way.

Awana's Sourcing Pro

The best option for finding non-tech talent, or for CTOs & COOs looking for unique and scarce talent.

This method boosts the odds of discovering the right candidate without investing in technical interviews.

Our team of recruiting professionals will pave the way for innovative talent acquisition strategies in Latin America, saving companies hours screening and identifying top talent.


Awana's Talent Network Shortlist

For Human Resource professionals or for startups with no tech lead on staff, looking for a fast and cost-efficient talent search.

Our network offers pre-vetted, highly skilled, and ready-to-hire talent. With a focus on precision and personalization, get access to great candidates without overspending. 

Learn more about our recruiting services in Latin America.


Awana's Freelance Tech Squad

A service for founder who wants to start building an MVP avoiding common issues working with freelance developers like inconsistent communication, delayed projects and ineffective team management. 

Our process helps early-stage startups work with a team that fully understands their project, with a fixed rate, reliable talent, and rapid implementation. 

Learn more about our Freelance Tech Squad service.


Work with Awana

We've helped companies hire developers in Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, and many other countries in Latin America.

Looking for highly specialized developers? We can help.

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