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Awana's Affiliate Program Fuels Latin America's Tech Landscape

Discover Awana's Affiliate Program and be a catalyst for change in Latin America's tech landscape. Earn lucrative rewards and advocate for LATAM talent.

We've got fantastic news to share! Awana's Affiliate Program is here, and it's all about transformation in two incredible ways: career growth and the flourishing tech landscape in Latin America. 

As the technology industry rapidly evolves, bridging the gap between top Latin American talent and US-based companies has never been more critical. At Awana, we believe in the extraordinary potential of Latin American developers to unlock companies' success and drive innovation. 

Why Join Awana's Affiliate Program?

  1. Fostering Latin America's Rise: By joining our affiliate program, you become a catalyst for change. Your referrals connect Latin American talent with Fortune 500 companies and venture-backed startups, propelling the region's tech growth.

  2. Lucrative Rewards for Your Success: As an Awana affiliate, you can earn commissions ranging from USD 700 to USD 4,500+ for every successful placement. Your achievements open doors for Latin American talent and, in turn, open opportunities for you to thrive. Success indeed pays off! 

  3. Be a Tech Talent Advocate: As we navigate the evolving tech landscape, you play a vital role in advocating for Latin American professionals. In a world of algorithms, you prioritize humanity elevating opportunities for the next generation of tech professionals.

A journey where purpose meets prosperity

Whether you are a visionary VP of People, a forward-thinking Accelerator Program, or a professional who has witnessed the significance of game-changing talent acquisition, the time to take action is now. Awana's Affiliate Program invites you to join a community that embodies success through purpose, collaboration, and a commitment to Latin America's tech advancement. Together, with our Recruitment Services we will redefine success and create opportunities that elevate individuals and businesses alike.

Visit our Affiliate Program page and become a force for change, a champion of Latin American talent, and a key player in shaping the future of tech. One connection at a time.

Looking forward to connecting with you on this exciting journey!

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