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English for Developers: How our training works

Awana's training focuses on teaching English for developers in Latin America to help them get remote jobs at US tech companies.

Applying for a job that will require you to speak English within a work setting can make anyone a little nervous. Once you practice your skills and focus on relevant terms, it might surprise you how well you can adapt to speaking it daily.

Awana’s English Camp was created to help software developers from Latin America get remote jobs at US tech companies that offer excellent salaries and career growth. Our program focuses on English for developers working on improving fluency and confidence.


How does it work?

How do I get in?

What about the Camp?

Want to join our English Camp?



How does it work?

Candidates sign up for a 12-week mentorship program designed to level up engineers' English skills and prepare them to get hired and work for US startups. Attendees will receive a 72-hour online mentored course where they will get to work on their vocabulary by going through real-life work scenarios.

After attending the camp, our recruitment team will set you up for interviews and help you find your next remote job. Candidates that have attended our camps improve their chances and have proven to do better in their interviews.

Each camp has 40 seats to deliver a full-on experience for LATAM developers interested in working remotely.


How do I get in?

Applying to English Camp is easy.

  1. Submit your application here*
  2. Join our Q&A Call with our Community Lead
  3. Read and sign our Commitment Agreement
  4. You’re in!

This process allows us to confirm that you are a match for our camp. Awana needs to assess your English skills to point you in the right direction. Once your application is accepted, we’ll reach out to you for payment arrangements, and you will get access to a valuable, life-changing experience.


What about the Camp?

Awana’s team has developed activities designed to help programmers achieve an English level that will allow them to be confident in their next job. Those in attendance will meet Awana’s mentors and their fellow peers in their cohort during several virtual meetings.

During these meetings, the cohort will work on their English speaking and writing skills based on real scenarios they may encounter in their jobs. There will also be project discussions to mix their English skills with technical vocabulary while developing software.

This helps the cohort by making sure they know how to understand the tasks a future employer might assign the programmer. It’s important to communicate correctly and be confident with coworkers if anyone wishes to succeed in their next job.

Awana’s English Camp guarantees LATAM programmers will practice what they need to improve their chances of getting hired. Every attendee will get to put the skills they learned during the camp by taking part in mock interviews before the cohort’s final exam. 


Our camp costs USD100 for every attendee and guarantees a personalized experience to work on the English skills they might be missing. Awana has an open-door policy and offers campers multiple payment methods to make it easier for LATAM candidates to access it.


Want to join our English Camp?

Awana helps programmers advance their careers by assisting them in getting hired. Their team of mentors, career coaches, and recruiters are here to help you improve any skill that will improve your chances of getting hired.

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