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Building a personalized hiring process for a data company

Technical recruitment allowed building a personalized hiring process for Enlyft, a data company from the U.S.

Enlyft is a B2B sales and marketing company that analyzes data to improve client communication efforts and content engagement. They offer real-time data access, including filmography information, technology usage, and purchase intent.



Enlyft was looking to hire a programmer with a profile combining two very different and specific skills. A case like this presented a considerable challenge for even our most experienced recruiters.

The process started slowly. Our recruiting team actively avoids trying to find unicorn developers because it means there will be fewer profiles to show. A smaller pipeline increases the risk of jeopardizing our average hiring timeline of 3 weeks. However, we went for it.


These were their requirements:

“1 Senior Data / Back end engineer with +7 years of experience, proficiency in English”

“ 1 Senior Front-end with +7 years of experience, proficiency in English.”



Our recruiting team reviewed over 700 profiles and finally found one developer who matched the skillset Enlyft wanted. Upon interviewing the candidate, Enlyft hired him, but complications arose due to workload expectations. The placement didn't work out. Having two roles in one makes it difficult for everyone to handle tasks and meet deadlines. However, the company was impressed with our vetting skills and wanted extra support with another role.

This time they aimed to hire a senior Front-end developer, a role they had never sought out before. Awana's technical recruiting made Enlyft feel confident; we truly listened to their requirements and built a personalized hiring process to review each candidate's skills and culture match. Their designated technical recruiter, María Pacheco, presented six candidates for the role, and the results were favorable.

A more realistic-built job description and unique hiring process allowed us to match the company with some of the top software developers from Mexico. He's still part of their team, and both parties are satisfied with the result.



- Expectations of skillsets met

- Enlyft and Awana learned why unicorn developers are a hard match

- Awana helped Enlyft build a hiring process for a new technical role



- Two hires from Ecuador and México

- Seven vetted profiles were sent

- Took a month to find a unicorn developer

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