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Sourcing diverse candidates for a global wellness app

How we completed Yoni Circle's team by sourcing diverse candidates from Uruguay and Argentina through our match-making approach and vetting process.

Founded in 2018, Yoni Circle is a social wellness app that helps women heal and connect with others through live storytelling. It allows them to find their voice, broaden their perspectives, feel less alone, stand in their authentic selves, and make deep global connections.



As a team of up to three engineers, Yoni Circle was in the process of raising its seed round and was ready to grow. That's when they realized that growing their team was a challenging task to accomplish. Being an app focused on women worldwide, they needed help finding diverse candidates matching their company culture.

Previously, Yoni posted job descriptions on job boards. The answer was overwhelming; getting submissions from many unfiltered candidates made them realize they needed more time and human resources to review all the applications.

During our meetings, they expressed that they needed the following:

"1 Senior back-end on Node with +7 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Senior Mobile on IOS with +7 years of experience, proficient in English."



Cristina, Yoni Circle's designated tech recruiter, understood the culture match and how diversity matters for a company like Yoni. For the role of Senior Back-end developer, she explored the skill sets within our network and, in less than three weeks, had curated four candidates to send to the company.

Looking for top software developers in Latin America for the first time, Yoni Circle needed to figure out what to expect from Awana's hiring process. However, after interviewing one of our candidates from the Argentina network, they felt more confident and at ease.

Soon after, Yoni Circle opened a different talent search for a Senior Mobile position. They were once again happily surprised that the four candidates Cristina recruited met the profile accurately. 

Their CEO expressed how valuable Awana's service was because they needed more time to review individual profiles. It made a difference to scoop up a selection of candidates that matched the skill set they wanted. 

Both developers still work for the company, which shows how well they match its culture and expectations.


"Awana's recruiters came to us with some candidates filtered for our culture fit. Those candidates came to us already wanting to work with a company like Yoni."


Engineering Manager at Yoni Circle



  • Added two unique talents to the client's team and diversified its workplace.

  • After a few months, the developer suggested alternatives or improvements to features they had yet to consider.

  • At the four-month mark in the company, they offered equity to the developers.



- 8 vetted profiles sent for client

- Less than three weeks into the hiring process

- 2 women hired from Uruguay and Argentina

- 100% talent retention


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