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One of the best software developer companies bets on Latin America.

One of the best software developer companies focused on coding for businesses, needed specific skills to boost their team's productivity.

Inscyth is a Texas-based company focused on building software development projects. Companies without experience can access its consulting services, website creation, testing, and even business-oriented apps.



Inscyth reached out to Awana after a faulty hiring experience. Awana had one challenge: How could we elevate the company's morale and hope to hire top software developers without wanting to waste any more of their resources? Discover how technical recruitment proved to be efficient and managed to get an extra developer hired.

Inscyth needed developers with the following requirements:

  • 1 Senior Back end on .NET with + 6 years of experience, proficient in English
  • 1 Senior Back end on React with + 6 years of experience, proficient in English



María, Incyth's designated technical recruiter, handled the talent search and started reviewing profiles from Awana's network of developers. She found candidates from Ecuador, Chile, and Brazil who met the skillset the IT consulting and software development company needed. After screening and filtering a shortlist, she shared ten profiles for each role.

Inscyth finally decided to hire two candidates from Brazil and was happy each candidate showed quality skill sets for a fair and budget-friendly price. They even hired an extra .NET developer from our selection since they could match their budget and keep growing their team with Latin American talent.

Awana was willing to negotiate with us and offered a very efficient and timely response. We were able to get two developers on board in a short amount of time, and the deadlines for projects were being met.

Melissa Bowie

Human Resources Administrator



- 20 Vetted profiles for the client to review

- A third new hire

- Three hires from Brazil in under 4 months

- Productivity boost

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