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3 Tips to Manage Nearshore Software Development Teams

Hiring nearshore software development teams really shines since it provides your company with team members that can easily adapt to your company’s workflow

So you’ve decided you want to grow your workforce by hiring developers remotely but feel unsure of where exactly you should start looking for them. When you outsource your team of developers you want it to run as smoothly as possible. 

This is where hiring nearshore developers really shines since it provides your company with new team members that can easily adapt to your company’s workflow and culture. Here is why managing nearshore development teams is your best choice when looking to grow your workforce remotely.

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Why go for Nearshore development teams?

Perks of Hiring Nearshore Software Development Teams

Nearshore Vs. Offshore for US Startups

Managing Nearshore Software Development Team: Awana’s Pro Tips

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Why go for Nearshore Software development teams?

Hiring nearshore developers means having a team that shares time zones and work culture due to its geographical proximity. Companies looking to hire developers benefit from nearshore teams since it makes it easier for them to manage team members that can adapt easily to their work settings.

Local demand for developers is at an all-time high and there simply aren’t many options anymore for US companies looking to hire onshore talent. Nearshore development teams are the obvious best next choice if your company is having problems finding talented developers quickly.

There are many perks to hiring nearshore development teams which is why companies are choosing this model over offshore teams. When you hire software candidates you want them to commit and bring something new to your team without any difficulties onboarding them to your company.

Perks of Hiring Nearshore Software Development Teams

Having a nearshore development team means sharing similar working schedules due to time zones similarities. This warrants your workflow won’t be affected like it would when working with other continents that have trickier time zones.

Pricing is another reason why companies look to hire nearshore development teams due to the rates they offer compared to local programmers. This doesn’t mean you will be putting at risk the code quality you seek your team to create. 

Developers' rates vary depending on the candidate’s location but taking this route will allow you to take care of your budget while adding a talented member to your team. An example of this is US companies hiring software talent from LATAM due to its pricing and proximity. See our Pricing Blog.

One of the biggest reasons hiring nearshore development makes it easier to onboard committed software talent is the cultural similarities they possess. Nearshore development teams are more likely to be familiarized with your country and its working culture.

Nearshore Vs. Offshore for US Startups

Nearshore vs Offshore

Managing Nearshore Software Development Team: Awana’s Pro Tips

Growing your workforce of nearshore developers will bring exciting opportunities for your business by having a remote team working exclusively for you. This work setting has great results once you prepare and organize how you are going to handle tasks with your team.

Here are some helpful tips we’ve gathered from our experience working with nearshore Development Software Talent from LATAM:

- Project Planning

Have an organized description and timeline of your software project in order to give your team a bigger picture of the work that needs to be done. Set up goals and focus on talking to each team member to delegate responsibilities.

Leadership is essential when working with remote teams so make sure to be given directions in an inspiring and polite manner.

- Set means of Communication:

Having a nearshore development team means you will need to set up a way to communicate your project’s requirements and feedback. Having meetings to set up the means of communication with your team is essential before starting to work with them.

You want to be able to work efficiently and correct any mishaps in the way. Make sure you talk to your team about what you expect from them in terms of communication.

- Technology Roadmap:

A great benefit of having the chance to hire nearshore developers is gaining access to specialized talent for your team. Make sure to discuss each technology or tool that is going to be used within the project. 

Having your team understand the tools they are going to use for the project is a great way to plan ahead and correctly delegate the project’s tasks to your team.

Looking to hire Amazing Nearshore Software Talent?

We got you covered, find software talent to set up your nearshore development team. 

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