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Recruiting a tech lead for a hospitality platform

We helped Tentrr, a hospitality and camping platform, find and hire a tech lead for their company's team of developers.

Tentrr is a company that offers nature enthusiasts a chance to maximize their outdoor experience with ready-to-go tent campsites. They have multiple hosts nationwide that receive Tentrr users looking to enjoy nature in their land.



Tentrr's business was expanding significantly and needed more resources to handle the workload ahead of themselves. Their primary need was solidifying a tech lead position in their company to organize their workflow while maintaining reasonable progress.

They had gone through three iterations for the tech lead role, so the stakes were high for Awana. Tentrr was eager to close the position and hoped to hire two more developers if we succeeded. Their team was building code with Tango and React but wanted to change that by looking for candidates who could use Python and AWS.

These were their requirements:

"1 Senior Full Stack Developer with +7 years of experience, with English proficiency."

"1 Mid Senior Support Engineer +4 years of experience, with English proficiency."

"1 Junior Back-end Python +4 years of experience, with English proficiency."



Tentrr was looking for a Senior Full Stack developer who could eventually lead their tech team. We presented several profiles; the company chose one of our candidates from Ecuador. After interviewing the candidate, the company disclosed perceiving him as a bit nervous but eventually became comfortable discussing his skills with some help.

They hired Rostan, an Ecuadorian developer, within three weeks. Seeing a developer from our network gain the seniority he aimed to achieve with Tentrr’s job was a win for Awana.

Tentrr was happy with the leadership skills of our Full Stack candidate, but they came back to Awana looking to complete their team. They opened two more roles (Mid Senior Support Engineer & Junior Back-end), requiring them to use Python and AWS to code. 

Our recruiters sent over ten profiles for each role. After a couple of interviews, the company hired two shortlisted candidates. All three developers lived in Ecuador and were part of our developer camps. 

“The fact that the company I work for right now appreciates my abilities, knowledge and creative input makes it a very satisfying job.

Rostan Soriano

Developer for Tentrr



- Ecuador offers top software developers

- Awana's camps make an effective hiring process

- Our network holds profiles for multiple coding languages and tools



- Three candidates from Ecuador hired

- Two Technical recruiters assigned

- One Technical lead hired

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