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Boosting cloud engineers and software developers in Latin America

An IT consulting company needed help finding software developers in Latin America that matched skills, seniority, and its client's company culture.

An I.T. consulting services company needed help finding Latin American Software developers that matched skills, seniority, and its client's company culture.


BlueSmile Chilean-based company, specializes in planning, developing, and implementing open-source solutions, with exceptional business support in all three of its service areas. BlueSmile is also Red Hat Inc's proud partner, helping pioneer enterprise-level Linux support.

 the challenge 

Finding cloud engineers based in LatAm

When BlueSmile first approached Awana, they were looking for Latin American talent: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Front-end Mobile/React Native developers.

That's where we came in, sourcing and recruiting some of LATAMs top software developers with the following requirements:

  • +10 years of experience.
  • Architecture and cybersecurity knowledge.
  • Languages: Terraform, Bamboo, CircleCI.


A customized vetting and hiring process

We advised our client on navigating a competitive talent market, guiding them throughout the hiring process.


We were sending BlueSmile 4–5 pre-vetted developers from Argentina and Chile weekly, communicating periodically, and tuning our search filters when needed.

Three candidates were shortlisted and completed the 4-week hiring process BlueSmile had designed for each role.

"All the candidates Awana sent had good profiles. We are very thankful for their support during the whole process."

Maria Elena Ruiz
Project Manager at BLUESMILE

  • Successful interaction. BlueSmile and Awana have spent the past 2 years in hands-on collaboration.
  • Delivery of relevant profiles for the client to review.
  • Awana’s hiring process efficiently allowed the client to save time.
  • Added unique talents with English proficiency to the client’s team.

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