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Publishing company found ready-to-hire software engineers in LATAM.

A digital publishing company needed some help finding ready-to-hire software engineers in LATAM.

G/O Media is a New York-based digital publishing company managing some of the best journalism brands and platforms like AV Club, Gizmodo, and The Onion. These create unique content through social narration, comedy, and high-impact storytelling to engage large audiences powerfully.



G/O Media struggled to find and recruit top software developers; they had prior experience hiring in Mexico, which prompted them to search for talent in LATAM again. The company aimed to expand its team to handle some of its platform's workload.

These were their requirements:

"1 Mid Full-Stack developer with +4 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Senior Front-Stack in React developer with +7 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Mid DevOps developer with +4 years of experience, proficient in English."



Our first encounter with G/O Media came when they needed new developer skills to meet their project's deadlines. They shared with Awana that they wanted to hire a Senior Front-End developer. We met their requirements, sending them eight pre-vetted profiles from which they chose one of our senior candidates from Ecuador.  

Four months later, the company returned, looking to hire a Mid Full-Stack developer. They were eager to hire in LATAM and were looking for candidates with communication skills that could match their previous hire with Awana.

Our past experience with G/O Media gave us a good sense of what kind of profiles better matched the company's enthusiasm and culture. They reviewed Awana's shortlist and decided on not one but two profiles. They hired two candidates from Ecuador, Gianella and Lyle. 

The last hire Awana helped close was a Mid DevOps developer whose English skills could ensure smooth communication within G/O Media's team. We sent out six profiles, and again they were pleased with the result, hiring Giancarlo from Ecuador to fill the role.  

Giannella's resume impressed us; we felt confident we wanted to interview her as soon as possible for the role."

Ihab Rimawi - Hiring Manager @ G/O Media



- Maintained a steady relationship with G/O Media

- All candidates met the required technical and soft skill expectations

- Our Ecuadorian talent network offers multiple seniority levels



- 4 Candidates from Ecuador hired

- More than 30 profiles presented

- Female candidate hired

- One of our first hires when we started 

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