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Marqii needed to hire software developers in LatAm

Discover how we helped Marqii scale its team and hire software developers, giving back to the LatAm community.

Marqii is a platform focused on improving hospitality through tech for business practices such as restaurants, public offices, and other organizations. They needed to scale their product and hire developers in LatAm, honoring their cultural heritage.


During 2022, Marqii wanted to focus its attention on its product growth; to do so, it would take some serious hiring chops. The U.S. hiring sphere had a very competitive environment, but after hearing of Awana's work in Latin America, they considered giving talent from the region a chance. 

They were more than impressed. Hiring in LatAm went smoothly and they ended up hiring software developers and non-tech talent with Awana.

Due to lacking staff, the company sought to add candidates to their team to improve their workflow and attention to other tasks. Awana served as an extension to its team, helping the company hire developers as needed to focus on its product growth.

These were the roles they required:

"1 tech lead / Python with +7 years of experience, proficient in English"

"1 Senior frontend developer / React + 7 years of experience, proficient in English"

"1 Senior UI/UX +7 years of experience, proficient in English."

"1 Senior Backend Node +7 years of experience, proficient in English."

"2 Mid Backend Node +4 years of experience, proficient in English."



We maintained ongoing communication with the company from the beginning, something they appreciated. They first approached us to hire a developer, specifically a Tech Lead, for which our technical recruiters vetted four profiles within a week.

Marqii then started their behavioral and technical interview to double-check how well the candidate matched their requirements and company culture. They were impressed by how quickly Awana's recruiters could find multiple matches for the company, which made them return for more hires.

Each hire we helped Marqii close had its differences, but we gave customized attention to each one, helping Marqii be certain they had found a true match to their requirements. Some evaluations took over two weeks; we were confident each developer would pass with flying colors.

Once Marqii got a sense of how amazing some of the quality of the profiles we vetted and how culturally matched the candidates were, we continued to work with them throughout the year. With the help of our technical recruiters and our vetting process, they were happy to hire developers in LatAm.

"Being able to give back to LATAM's community was important for us. Awana has helped us bring engineers with some serious experience to our team. We've accelerated our product growth more than if we tried to hire locally here in the states." 

Evan Perlmutter 

Co-Founder & COO

See Evan's full video testimony here.



- Multiple roles hired simultaneously

- Successfully scaled team throughout the year

- Marqii diversified its team, giving back to the LatAm community



- 25 vetted profiles in total

- Developers hired from Brazil & Ecuador

- Profiles presented in three days

- Marqii became a returning customer

- Female developer hired


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