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Staff Augmentation vs Direct-Hire Contracting

Find out the difference between Staff Augmentation and Dire-Hire Contracting in order to find out what is the choice that best fits your needs

Looking to hire remote programmers unto your workforce? Adding members to your company’s team should always be evaluated based on the task that you are looking to accomplish. Find out the difference between Staff Augmentation and Dire-Hire Contracting in order to find out what is the choice that best fits your needs.

There are multiple scenarios in which a company decides that it needs to grow its workforce. Whether you are looking to fulfill a new project or hire specialized talent for a specific task, you should always consider your options when you are looking to hire software talent.

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What exactly is Staff Augmentation?

When will you need Staff Augmentation?

What exactly is Direct-Hire Contracting

When will you need Direct-Hire Contracting?

Pro’s and Con’s for both Hire Models

Growing your Workforce through Direct-Hire Contracting

Direct-Hire Contracting as a tool to grow your business

What exactly is Staff Augmentation?

If you are looking to hire a programmer for a limited amount of time then Staff Augmentation is the choice for you. Staff Augmentation implies a hiring contract that has an expiration date or deadline to be met. After this, the candidate will exit your company.

This means you can grow your workforce without having to hire a full-time programmer onto your company’s payroll. This is useful since you will be able to avoid strict labor and tax payments you need to abide by when you add a member to your company’s payroll indefinitely as an employee. 

Staff Augmentation is a great way to grow your team for a periodical amount of time in order to fulfill the work you have ahead. This provides you a chance to handpick a candidate that you may not be able to afford hiring all year round but is able to afford for a small period of time.

Staff Augmentation is a great way to grow your team by making a flexible work arrangement with a handpicked programmer. 

When will you need Staff Augmentation?

- So you have a new project you are looking to complete but require a specific skill that your team is missing. You wouldn’t hire a full-time employee for your company just to finish it right?

Staff Augmentation allows you to hire programmers with specific skill sets that may not be required all the time in order to successfully fulfill your daily tasks. Consider Staff Augmentation when you need candidates that require certain skills or seniority during one-off situations. 

- Give your team some support by adding a team member when their workload is too full for them to handle. They will surely appreciate it and they will be able to meet their deadlines easier by having extra help when they need it.

Handle heavy workloads and avoid all-nighters by hiring a transitory member to your programming workforce.

- Focusing on new projects or goals can be hard when you have a limited workforce handling daily tasks. Staff augmentation will allow you to hire a programmer to help you experiment on new ideas to see if they are worth following up on in the long run.

New business opportunities require complete attention in order to make the best out of them. Hiring a programmer that focuses exclusively on helping you find new ventures will be helpful to start them.

What exactly is Direct-Hire Contracting?

If you are looking to grow your workforce by hiring programmers for the long run then Direct-Hire Contracting services are ideal to make this process easier. Companies looking to add several members to their workforce will also benefit from this model since it may be difficult to hire a large number of candidates at the same time.

When you find software talent that fits your daily needs you are going to want to hold on to the candidate. Direct-Hire Contracting allows you to hire one or several full-time members to your payroll by taking care of the more tedious parts of the process.

When your company grows, so does its workload, so the smart business decision is to hire more people in order to maintain steady growth and avoid stress. Direct-Hire Contracting helps you handle your company’s growth by allowing you to add talented programmers faster and more efficiently to your payroll.

When will you need Direct-Hire Contracting?

- Needing to further expand your workforce’s capabilities by adding programmers to handle new tasks that may not have been there before but are here to stay? The good news is your company is growing and is going to need more people on your payroll.

Grow your team by accessing Direct-Hire Contracting services that will help you find, hire, and onboard programmers to your company faster by doing it for you. 

- Maybe you are looking to replace several members that left your company and you need to find replacements in a timely manner. Direct-Hire Contracting is a great way to do this quickly without having to deal with the pressure of finding the right candidates yourself.

It’s easier to replace missing links in your workforce when you work with companies dedicated to Direct-Hire Contracting.

- Direct-Hire Contracting will help companies who lack experience finding candidates that will fulfill their expectations. Finding a programmer that is skillful and committed is difficult if you don’t have a lot of experience hiring.

Recruiting companies dedicated to Direct-Hire Contracting have a lot of experience finding and hiring talent that will add value to your company.

Pro’s and Con’s for both Hire Models

- Staff Augmentation


1) Access to specific skill sets without having to hire a programmer full time

2) Hire international software talent for a limited amount of time

3) Labour Laws and Tax payments are less strict

4) Avoid full-time employee benefits

5) Terminate working agreements with less paperwork


1) Higher programmer rates if work is extended

2) Working agreement negotiated by the company

3) Less commitment to the company in the long run

4) Availability of candidate

- Direct-Hire Contracting


1) Access to recruitment services makes it easier find candidates

2) Receive help from experienced recruiters

3) Grow your team internationally by having access to committed and talented programmers

4) Steady growth of the workforce

5) Hire multiple programmers at once


1) Legal aid costs

2) Termination of a working agreement means dealing with more paperwork. See our Payroll Service. 

Direct-Hire Contracting does more for company growth than Staff Augmentation

If you are ready to expand your workforce it means business is going good and you want to make the best out of it. You need to keep things moving for the long run not just momentarily. How we access software talent in the present allows companies to find amazing software talent easier than ever before.

If you are looking to reach your goals as a business you will need a steady workforce, which is why we recommend Direct-Hire Contracting as the most effective model when you are looking for your business to grow in scale and capabilities.

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