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Balancing a rigorous interview process to hire a developer

Discover how to work with a rigorous interview process to hire a developer from Latin America. Recruiting insights from TangoCode's Case Study.

Securing top-tier talent remains a perpetual challenge for companies striving for excellence. TangoCode, a forward-thinking IT consulting company, faced hurdles in sourcing and hiring remote workers from Latin America.

From innovative approaches to overcoming challenges of rigorous hiring, discover how Awana closed over 8 positions, reduced closing times, and positioned Brazil as a key expansion target for TangoCode's tech team.

Challenges Faced

TangoCode encountered obstacles in recruiting proficient female developers to meet their rigorous hiring standards.

Emphasizing C1 English proficiency and favoring candidates with solid corporate experience over those with freelance backgrounds created a balance that was hard to achieve.

Cultural alignment and long-term vision became focal points in their talent acquisition strategy.

Transforming the Hiring Approach

Recognizing the need for a transformative shift, Awana supported TangoCode in meticulously restructuring its hiring process. It wasn't just about assessing technical prowess but also about aligning values, evaluating problem-solving abilities, and ensuring cultural compatibility with the company's ethos.

In the early stages of TangoCode, our candidate search was confined to three countries—Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru.

However, as our operations evolved, we engaged in discussions with TangoCode's CTO, advocating for the exploration of new talent pools in countries like Brazil, Chile, and Central America.

Subsequently, we were able to hire developers from Brazil. Since then, the company has expanded its preferences, and now specifically seeks candidates from Ecuador and Brazil, acknowledging their potential in these regions.

Measurable Metrics and Transformations

Decrease in Time-to-Hire:

Before: The average hiring process varied between 2 weeks to 2 months.

After: Average hiring duration reduced by 30%

Quality of Hire Improvement

Before: Limited candidates passed technical assessments, leading to post-hire misalignments.

After: Enhanced interview techniques led to a 20% increase in candidates smoothly integrating into roles and contributing effectively.

Candidate Satisfaction

Before: Candidates often felt unease during interviews.

After: Improved communication about company culture and interview expectations resulted in a 25% boost in candidate confidence and satisfaction

Testimonial from a developer

Total Roles Recruited

TangoCode's success story encompasses filling more than 8 roles, demonstrating their commitment to securing top talent.

This included positions such as Backend Node.js Developer, Full Stack Developer, and Customer Support Engineer, showcasing the effectiveness of their strategic hiring processes.

Qualitative Insights and Key Learnings

Through this transformative journey, TangoCode gleaned invaluable insights.

They realized that while technical prowess is crucial, a comprehensive interview process that evaluates cultural fit, problem-solving capabilities, and alignment with company values is paramount.

Incorporating behavioral and situational questions alongside technical assessments significantly enhanced the evaluation process.

Moreover, engaging candidates with clear communication about the company's expectations and culture right from the initial interview stage fostered a sense of transparency, leading to a higher rate of candidates accepting offers.


TangoCode's journey showcases the transformative power of strategic interviewing in securing top-tier tech talent without creating barriers.

Their success underscores the importance of meticulous interview processes in not only streamlining recruitment but also ensuring a cultural and professional fit.

Author's Note: TangoCode's experience highlights the significance of a well-crafted interview process in securing exceptional tech talent. Should you seek guidance in optimizing your hiring strategy, leveraging TangoCode's approach might be the catalyst your company needs to attract and retain top-tier Tech Talent.

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