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Rostan, Sr Full-Stack Developer (ECU) working remotely for Tentrr

Rostan was looking for a full-stack developer remote job where he could accomplish a steady financial life and stay closer to his newborn.


Rostan was looking for remote software engineer jobs where his developer skills and knowledge could help him accomplish a steady financial life. He couldn't finish his university studies, so his entire experience in software development was self-taught.

Living in Milagro, he had to commute for 1 hour to get to his workplace at Guayaquil. He wanted this to change.

He expressed it was important for him to find an employer who could understand the responsibilities he had with his family since he had recently become a father and wished to stay close to his newborn.

"I was constantly studying and learning new things. It's our duty as software developers, and it is incredibly satisfying when you can learn and apply it in real scenarios."



After meeting with our recruiters we were able to match Rostan with Tentrr, a company interconnecting campers, landowners and communities while revolutionizing the way people camp.

During the interviews Rostan proved himself as a super-talented developer. He started working as a Junior Developer and in the span of a year he climbed all the way to becoming a Senior Full-Stack Programmer.

"It has been almost 2 years since I took this opportunity to work for the first time remotely and for companies in the US. I feel that I have achieved many things. Knowing a world of possibilities about technologies that I had no idea."


Two aspects about remote work that surprised him the most was how flexible schedule could be. The other one, how incredible it was for him to know that there are opportunities for full-stack developers in Ecuador to keep growing professionally.

He now works from home, feeling more involved with his family and leads our community of LATAM programmers as a mentor at Llama Camp.

“The fact that the company appreciates my abilities, knowledge and creative input makes it a very satisfying job. I’m happy I get to spend more time with my family."  

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