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Diversifying a Best-in-Class App Team

Awana’s hiring process helped find and hire new people for Tiny beans. Learn how.

Tiny Beans is the leading app for families looking to capture their children’s heartwarming memories so they can share them with their loved ones. It made Apple’s App of the day both in 2019 and 2020, which showed the app’s potential for community building.


The company first contacted Awana in 2020 seeking to run a hiring process for the New York-based App. They were pleased with Awana’s process since finding and hiring new people was a task that usually lasted up to 2 months for them.

With Awana, the company found a developer who was a great addition to their team in two weeks and accelerated the selection process. Months later, in 2021, they returned seeking Awana's recruitment team to help them find a developer with the following requirements:

  • At least 2 years of website design experience
  • Expert with JavaScript frameworks and libraries


During the kick-off call with Tiny Beans, we could understand that the company valued more in a candidate the attitude against problems than experience. It was also important for them to save time since prior experiences looking for developers could extend for two months if they did it on their own.

Over 10 profiles were sent to the company to fill this position including one from Peru in our database. The one profile was selected and rapidly passed to interviews directly with the technical team of Tiny Beans.

We recommended hiring María Isabel from Perú through our remote management platform, which facilitates the paperwork and recurrent payment for Tiny Beans. The process lasted for about two weeks which Tiny Beans appreciated.

Once the candidate was chosen Awana alleviated the hiring process for Tiny Beans by taking care of all H.R requirements and successfully added a committed member to their company.

Jessica Jones



  • Successful interaction with returning client Tiny Beans.
  • One contractor to manage the hiring process and distribution of payments.
  • Delivery of relevant profiles for the client to review.
  • Awana’s hiring process efficiently allowed the client to save time.
  • Added a unique talent to the client’s team and diversified its workplace.

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