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Latest Trends

Are tech talent salaries going down?

Tech talent salaries are declining as companies downsize their workforce to rely more on automation. Learn how to mitigate salary declines in tech...

Latest Trends

Optimizing Hiring with ChatGPT

Quick tips for startups on optimizing hiring with ChatGPT: From screening resumes to reducing bias, AI offers valuable solutions.

Guide to Hire in LATAM

Hiring in Latin America: Debunking 5 Myths

What's stopping companies from hiring in Latin America? Misinformation might be blocking your access to untapped software talent. 

Guide to Hire in LATAM

Hiring in LATAM Is More Than A Trend

A discussion with Deel's Braden Roggow on why hiring in LATAM has become the go-to destination for companies looking for tech talent.

Building Remote Teams

How Not To Fail At Onboarding

There are five hiring stages that affect onboarding right where it could hurt when left unattended.

Building Remote Teams

Misclassification in remote teams

Risks could arise with misclassification in remote teams when working with LATAM developers. Learn the differences between employees and contractors.

Building Remote Teams

Hire in Latin America: Mistakes to Avoid

Struggling to hire in Latin America? From unrealistic expectations to lengthy processes, learn how to optimize your hiring strategy.

Recruitment Services

English Camp: How our training works

Awana's training focuses on offering an English camp to developers in Latin America to help them get remote jobs at U.S. tech companies.

Developer Skills

An Introduction to Scrum Sessions

Scrum Sessions organize developer skills to fulfill bigger goals by focusing on little ones making the best of their time during project development.

Building Remote Teams

Staff Augmentation vs Direct-Hire Contracting

Find out the difference between Staff Augmentation and Direct-Hire Contracting in order to find out what is the choice that best fits your needs

Building Remote Teams

How to Find and Hire Developers in LATAM

Discover how to find and hire developers in LATAM with our comprehensive guide. Learn where to start and how to retain Latin American developers.